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About Cloud Academy

Cloud Academy is established to expand the services of Cloud Theatre to the next level. After almost 10 years of experience in English Educational Theatre now we are offering high quality English drama books which supported with online teacher's guide as new elements to enhance the support we provide in the English language education for our schools.

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The purpose of these books

The online teacher’s guide and workbook introduces a wide range of exercises for English learners from basic drama skills to story building activities. With pre, while and post reading activities, this workbook enables students, as well as the teachers, to delve into the depths of the story and enrich their knowledge about the setting, the era, the author and the plot while making contemporary and real life connections. The activities help students get to know the script  and the characters and have a better understanding about the tone and atmosphere of the play. Teacher’s Guide helps teachers to set up a school play from scratch. With the help of how-to videos, music, lighting, props and costume ideas, the teachers will absolutely feel confident to turn the script into a play. 


Cloud Theatre TIE (Theatre In Education) company.

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