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A middle-aged Einstein is still to be a famous scientist. He becomes aware of the environmental disaster facing Earth and begins to research how to create a fuel that leaves no carbon footprint. He works in the laboratory with his long-term colleague Michaele.


One day Einstein meets the professor’s step-sister Anna who is also a scientist. He knows that Anna is very smart and he agrees for her to become his assistant. They work together at full speed to create a fuel that will 

prevent pollution. 


In the meantime, Karen and her little friend Dmitri who has been spying on Einstein’s work for a long time, realise that Einstein and his assistant are on to something. They put a plan in motion to use the fuel for evil doing. 


Will Einstein be able to finish his research before the fuel falls into evil hands? What kind of trouble will Dmitri and Karen cause our heroes? To find out all of this and more come and join us on our fun and exciting adventure!

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