A. What are the advantages of English educational theatre when learning a language?


1) English Theatre increases student’s interest in learning English. so he or she can discover that the language is also useful outside the classroom.


2) It challenges the student to understand English spoken by someone other than his or her teacher, thus improving the student’s listening comprehension.


3) In the days prior to and following the play. the students are highly motivated.


4) Teachers can use the written and audio resources provided to take advantage of this motivation.


5) Working with songs from the play is an excellent opportunity to learn new vocabulary while having fun.


6) It highlights the vital importance of non-verbal communication skills. such as mime, gesture and body language. Students have a chance to practice seeing these from native English speakers and those who are chosen to join in on stage can practice using them to improvise and communicate for real.


7) It develops a relationship between children and the world of theatre.

B. Can the play be performed at our school ?


The playing area must have...
Width (A) : 6m
Depth (B) : 4m
Height (C) : 2.3m
Backstage (D) : not required but preferably 1,5m 

C. Language levels & Touring Dates 


Cloud Theatre produces shows in three different language levels matching the student's age range and skills accordingly. 



Age group 6-10 years 



Age group 10-13 years

Age group 14-17 years


D. Booking

Cloud Theatre has regular schedule of plays. Our tours held on twice  in every year with news plays. To learn more information about our plays please contact with us.

Cloud Theatre,TIE (theatre in education) company.

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