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'Two households, both alike in (in)dignity...'


Shakespeare's legendary tale of broken hearts and lost love has been told in theatres and on movie screens for nearly four centuries – but never quite like this! In this hilarious and accessible new version from Cloud Theatre, four professional actors from the United Kingdom share the stage with members of the audience to tell the classic story in a completely new, interactive way. To mark the 400th anniversary of England's greatest writer, we bring you his most iconic work as he'd never have imagined it!


'Oh Romeo, Romeo, don't you know it's time to go?


In Fair Verona we lay our scene, but your family's foul and I fight mean.' Your students will all be immersed in the world of the rival families – will they be a Montague or a Capulet? 

The lucky ones get an invitation to party to the latest tunes at the fabulous Capulet mansion... some will find themselves contestants on the hit TV sensation Prince Paris Picks A Perfect Princess, others will need to talk their way out of trouble for brawling in the streets. And everyone gets a vote on the most important decision of all – will the story end with the famous tragic climax, or can we improvise our way to a happy ending?



You're My Romeo -
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They Don't Know -
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No Happy Ending -
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I'm Prince Paris -
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