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This story is about Josephine, a very naughty and disrespectful girl who abuses people, specially weak people, she uses her strength to get what she wants. 

The story begins with a question: What's behind the clouds? Is it the Great Wall of Nachi? Is it the Amazonian jungle? Is it the craziest circus ever where humans are tamed by animals? And who lives there?

First she meets a quite mysterious man who protects the Great Wall of Nachi and speaks in a very strange way. He has the power to decide who can or cannot get into the hidden world. 

Josephine will discover a new world behind the clouds, and she will also see how animals see humans and how humans treat animals. If you want to discover how this story ends, and what's behind the clouds, come and join Josephine in her unbelievable dream high above the sky



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