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It is the year 1546 and King Suta is the proud leader of the kingdom of Draginu, a small group of beautiful islands in The Sunset Ocean. His kingdom is known for its fierce ‘Island warriors’ who are feared throughout the world. But there is something even more mystical about the islands of Draginu… once every 100 years’ people say that a Dragon comes down from the Great Mountain and chooses one brave warrior to become ‘The Dragon Tamer’ and fight with him in times of peril. The strongest and bravest Island warrior is Oki, a young and confident fighter whom everyone expects to become the next Dragon Tamer. 


However, what the people of the island don’t know is that King Suta’s daughter, Merry, is being trained by Sensei Ando – the son of the last Dragon Tamer! Merry dreams of becoming the next Dragon Tamer instead of becoming the next Queen of the islands. 


Whilst everyone is becoming excited about who the next Dragon Tamer will be, however, the evil and stupid Ninjas from the mainland are beginning to attack the island by arriving in their boats and stealing from the people of Draginu! 


Will the boys and girls help Merry and Oki work together to fight off the evil Ninjas and become the next Dragon Tamers together? Only time will tell…

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