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Cloud Theatre

Learning English Through Theatre

about us

Cloud Theatre is a professional touring English theatre in education company, founded in 2011 in lstanbul/Turkey and continues it's operations from Berlin/Germany since 2017. 


Over the years Cloud Theatre established itself as Turkey's largest theatre in education company. 


Over the last eight years, Cloud Theatre produced eight different plays and already performed around 850 times in Turkey in front of more than 350.000 students. 


Cloud Theatre currently expands its touring areas through­out Azarbaijan, and African countries.


our philosophy


Cloud Theatre's aim is to inspire and motivate students to learn a foreign language in a playful way. The students don't only enjoy English in a fun and efficient learning environment, they are also offered to get inspired by theatre, an important medium of the performing arts. 


In order to provide the young audience this great learning experience, we have been producing 50 minutes long

Eng­lish theatre performances. 

About Us
Actors Rehearsing

our work

stage concept 

Cloud Theatre, stage design, and technical equipment such as lighting, speakers, and microphones are 100% mobile and portable. That on the one hand allows us to travel easily and set up our stage within only one hour. 


Furthermore, the mobility of the staging gives us the chance to change our scenery four times within a single play. 

What we need from you is simple: electricity and cool kids.


We do the rest! 


learning support


As a preparation before and a profound addition after the shows, we also provide seasonal workbooks for the students to make them practice a specific English vocabulary and grammar suitable to the play performed. 


contents of our play


The seasonal plays are either referring to historical facts, stories, and people, such as Leonardo DaVinci & Romeo and Juliet or are completely fictionally written by one of our native scriptwriters. 


The plays are 50 mins longs and usually include three cat­chy, ingoing songs, which the actors perform on stage. 


in conversatation


After the theatre performances, we usually offer a 20-30 mins Q&A panel, in order to create an open exchange with actors and students. Our directors, scriptwriters, and actors/ actresses exclusively speak native English and address the students according to their language levels.

Our Work

info & booking

Advantages of English theatre in education when learning a language.


1) English Theatre increases student’s interest in learning English. so he or she can discover that the language is also useful outside the classroom.


2) It challenges the student to understand English spoken by someone other than his or her teacher, thus improving the student’s listening comprehension.


3) In the days prior to and following the play. the students are highly motivated.


4) Teachers can use the written and audio resources provided to take advantage of this motivation.


5) Working with songs from the play is an excellent opportunity to learn new vocabulary while having fun.


6) It highlights the vital importance of non-verbal communication skills. such as mime, gesture and body language. Students have a chance to practice seeing these from native English speakers and those who are chosen to join in on stage can practice using them to improvise and communicate for real.


7) It develops a relationship between children and the world of theatre.

language levels & touring dates 


Cloud Theatre produces shows in three different language levels matching the student's age range and skills accordingly. 



Cloud Theatre has a regular schedule of plays. Our tours are held on twice every year with news plays. To learn more information about our plays please contact with us.


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