Cloud Theatre is a TIE (theatre in education)  company.

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Cloud Theatre | Petersburger Str. 34 10249 Berlin / Germany

About Us

Cloud Theatre is a professional touring theatre in education ( TIE ) company, founded in 2011 in lstanbul/Turkey. 


Over the years Cloud Theatre established itself as Turkey's largest English educational theatre company. 


Over the last six years Cloud Theatre produced six different plays and already performed around 850 times in Turkey in front of more than 300.000 students. 


Cloud Theatre currently expands its touring areas through­out Russia, Germany and other European countries

Welcome To

Cloud Theatre


Our Work



Our scenery, stage design and technical equipment such as lighting, speakers and microphones are 100% mobile and portable. That on the one hand allows us to travel easily and set up our stage within only one hour. 


Furthermore the mobility of the staging gives us the chance to change our scenery four times within a single play. 

What we need from you is simple: electricity and cool kids.


We do the rest! 


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Advantages of this type of activity


1) It increases the student’s interest in learning English. so he or she can discover that the language is also useful outside the classroom.


2) It challenges the student to understand English spoken by someone other than his or her teacher, thus improving the student’s listening comprehension.


3) In the days prior to and following the play. the students are highly motivated.


4) Teachers can use the written and audio resources provided to take advantage of this motivation.


5) Working with songs from the play is an excellent opportunity to learn new vocabulary while having fun.



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