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Transforming Words Into Worlds


Our Philosophy


Cloud Theatre's aim is to inspire and motivate students to learn

a foreign language in a playful way. The students don't only enjoy English in a fun and efficient learning environment, they are also offered to get inspired by theatre,

an important medium of the performing arts. 


In order to provide the young audience this great learning experience, we have been producing 50 minutes long

Eng­lish theatre performances. 

Contents Of Our Plays


The seasonal plays are either referring to historical facts, stories, and people, such as Leonardo DaVinci & Romeo and Juliet or are completely fictionally written by one of our native scriptwriters. 


The plays are 50 mins longs and usually include three cat­chy, ingoing songs, which the actors perform on stage. 


In Conversatation


After the theatre performances, we usually offer a 20-30 mins Q&A panel, in order to create an open exchange with actors and students. Our directors, scriptwriters, and actors/ actresses exclusively speak native English and address the students according to their language levels.

Stage Concept 

Cloud Theatre, stage design, and technical equipment such as lighting, speakers, and microphones are 100% mobile and portable. That on the one hand allows us to travel easily and set up our stage within only one hour. 


Furthermore, the mobility of the staging gives us the chance to change our scenery four times within a single play. 

What we need from you is simple: electricity and cool kids.


We do the rest! 



Learning Support


As a preparation before and a profound addition after the shows, we also provide seasonal workbooks for the students to make them practice a specific English vocabulary and grammar suitable to the play performed. 

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