Cloud Theatre is a professional touring English educational theatre company ( TIE - theatre in education ), founded in 2011 in lstanbul/Turkey and London/England. 

Over the years Cloud Theatre established itself as Turkey's largest theatre in education company. 


Over the last eight years Cloud Theatre produced six different plays and already performed around 850 times in Turkey in front of more than 300.000 students. 


Cloud Theatre currently expands its touring areas through­out Russia, Germany and other European countries




Our aim is to inspire and motivate students to learn a foreign language in a playful way. The students don't only enjoy English in a fun and efficient learning environment, they are also offered to get inspired by theatre, an important medium of the performing arts. 


In order to provide the young audience this great learning experience, we have been producing 50 minutes long Eng­lish theatre performances. 


Cloud Theatre,TIE (theatre in education) company.

Petersburger Str. 34

10249 Berlin / Germany

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