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Transforming Words Into Worlds

The Plot


Following the loss of their father, Sophie and Charlie, the children of an extremely wealthy family, devote themselves to science. Experimenting and inventing is now their favorite pastime. 


One day, Ms. Niles, who has been their nanny for years, tells them about a box left by their father. The box is hidden somewhere that they can only find by using their intelligence.


Their uncle Count Olaf, who hates kids more than anything and does not care about anything but money, is also after this hidden box. 


Sophie’s gift for Chemistry along with Charlie’s interest for Physics and Rubik’s Cube comes in handy under unexpected circumstances. 


Will The Peterson Siblings be able to uncover the mystery of this legacy passed on to them? What troubles will their uncle Count Olaf and his assistant Claudia bring upon them? 


Inspired by A Series of Unfortunate Events series, this play will keep you on edge in this cat - and - mouse game.

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