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Alice is a young girl with a big imagination. Alice is always bored during her lessons with her teacher Ms. Jenny, she does not like normal books about history, she wants fun books with pictures. One day after a lesson with Ms.Jenny she is given a magical book. Using this magic book Alice embarks on a magical journey to Wonderland where she meets lots of new friends and maybe some enemies. 


Wonderland is a mysterious place ruled by the evil queen and her soldiers. But there are many other creatures that live in this kingdom. Once Alice gets to Wonderland she first meets Hatter a funny man dressed in a funny way. The Hatter tells Alice that the magic book she holds is a very important book that was stolen from the castle many years ago and no one had seen it ever since, till now. The queens soldiers see Alice with the magic book and they quickly tell the queen. Alice is blamed for stealing the book and the queen is now after her.


Can the boys and girls help Alice run away and go back home? Will they protect her from the evil queen and her soldiers ? Will Alice made Wonderland a better place?

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