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Transforming Words Into Worlds

The Plot


In 1880, a violent gang is terrorizing the major cities in England, causing fear and despair among its residents. A genius at solving mysteries and delivering the criminals to justice, Sherlock Holmes prepares to challenge the bad guys.


An unexpected encounter with Irene Adler, a lady with dubious connections who once stole his heart, presents an opportunity in tackling this gang. Following the lead of a letter that she holds, Sherlock discovers that his worst nemesis Dr. Moriarty is the mastermind behind the evil gang. Moriarty is a very smart and wealthy man, and he is now on the hunt for one of the most treasured pieces of art in England. 


Sherlock Holmes is not alone in his journey. His close friend Dr. Watson stands by his side in his fight against Moriarty. Will Sherlock be able to save the people from the evil gang and stop Dr Moriarty before he steals? 


This play adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories of Sherlock Holmes will keep you guessing in suspense with its twists and turns.

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